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Uttara Ambulance Service in Dhaka. We Provide Ac Ambulance, Non-Ac Ambulance, Freezing Ambulance, and ICU Ambulance services in all districts of Bangladesh. Contact Us Now

Ambulance Service in Uttara

Uttara Ambulance service

The Uttara Ambulance is the most important for human life. When a people feel ill then his relative or guardian wants to move to the hospital for treatment by doctors. The patient when feeling more ill than he could not go walk then he needed a vehicle as an ambulance. We provide ambulances for patients or dead bodies in critical moments.

The Ambulance service is called an emergency service for human life. We know some emergency service names. There are mainly fire services, Ambulance services, and Treatment services. Ambulance service is one of the most important services of those. 24/7 hours ambulance service is available in Dhaka Division.

Uttara Ambulance Service

Best Ambulance Service in Uttara

The best Ambulance, the best service for you.

Overview of Quality Services

  • Quality Ambulance providing
  • Expert driver with Assistant
  • Comfortable price or Rent
  • Friendly Communication
  • Fast Service Anywhere
  • 24/7 Customer Support
Uttara Ambulance Service - 24ambulance

Types of Ambulance Service

Ac Ambulance service: We provide the best Quality Ac Ambulance service in the Uttara Area. The AC ambulance is the best to carry the Patient. You can contact Us When you need an AC ambulance from anywhere in Bangladesh.

Non-Ac Ambulance: The non-ac ambulacne is like Ac Ambulance. When you need a Non-AC Ambulance then we provide Ac Ambulacne but will be off Ac facilities. There are Oxygen, Streechar, and Wheelchair are available.

Freezing Ambulance: The freezing ambulance is the best to carry or longtime save the dead body. If you need to save the dead body from the virus then you should use the freezer van.

Life Support Ambulances:  The life support are different types of Ambulances. There are ICU ambulances, NICU ambulances, CCU ambulances, PICU ambulances, and Ventilation machines with Doctors or brothers.

We provide the best ambulance service for your requirements. If you need more facilities then will be said before the booking confirmation. We will try to solve with your requirements. 24-hour service is available.

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