Ambulance Service Shewrapara, Dhaka

Ambulance Service Shewrapara in Dhaka. We Provide different types of Ambulance service in all districts of Bangladesh. We Provide Ac ambulance service, Non-Ac Ambulance service, freezing ambulance service And ICU Ambulance service. Contact Us Now

Shewrapara Ambulance service

Ambulance service in Shewrapara

24 Hours Ambulance service in Shewrapara. We Provide different types of ambulance services like Ac ambulance service, Non-Ac Ambulance service, freezing ambulance service and ICU Ambulance service. We Are Just A Call Away.

Emergency Ambulance Service is available in Dhaka City. This ambulance company provide Emergency ambulance service 24 hours in a day, 7 Days a week, and 365 days a year. The Emergency ambulance in cheap rent of ambulance services. We provide always a Standard ambulance with the proper requirements. Contact us to Get an Emergency ambulance service anywhere in Bangladesh.


Freezing Ambulance service Doniya

freezing Ambulance service in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has freezing box in it. The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body several hours and days. If you need an emergency Ambulance service from anywhere in anytime of Bangladesh.

The frozen ambulance is used to carry a corpse over long distances. If a corpse is being transported to a locality far from your hospital, it is better to use a cold ambulance than an AC ambulance. Sometimes the son, daughter, and people close to the dead person cannot reach to see him quickly for the last time. For this reason, sometimes if it takes longer to give him a sharp ground, a frozen ambulance is helpful to keep the dead body fresh.
Note: Always try to leave the dead body soil quickly. Because Islam says that it is better to bury the dead body as soon as possible. We Are Just A Call Away. Contact Us Now

Details of Freezing Ambulance service

freezing ambulance direct import from japan.
High quality steel strachters keeping the body.
There are lighting facilities inside to see the body.
There are Glass’s Windwo to see the dead body.
It has freezer box in it.
Genereal tempreture is ( – 7 to -22 ).