Ambulance service Savar & Dhaka, 01911125156

Ambulance service Savar & Dhaka. We Provide Ac Ambulance, Non-Ac Ambulances, Freezing Ambulances, and ICU Ambulances in Bangladesh. Enjoy 20 % Discount offers!

Savar Union Ambulance service

Savar Ambulance Service

Emergency Ambulance service number in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We Provide Emergency ambulance service from Dhaka to many districts of Bangladesh. We provide different types of ambulance services. Such those: Ac ambulance service, Non-Ac ambulance service, Freezer ambulance service, and Life support ICU Ambulance service with Doctors. 24 Hours Emergency ambulance is available. When you feel ill then call the hour Helpline.

Emergency Ambulance Service is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide different types of ambulance services in all districts of Bangladesh. 24 Hours ambulance service is available. When you need emergency ambulance service just then contact us.

We are always ready to provide different types of Ambulance services in all districts of Bangladesh. If you need Ambulance service then contact us.


Ambulance service in Savar

Ac Ambulance Service

The Ac Ambulance is one of the best ambulance services in Dhaka as well as in the whole Bangladesh. An Ac ambulance is mainly used to transfer a patient to the hospital or a recently recovered person to his/her resident. Ac ambulances have air conditioning systems.

ICU Ambulance in Savar

ICU Ambulance is one of the leading 24×7 Emergency Ambulance Services providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh. For every emergency cases transferring and also critically ill patients to Hospitals or Nursiing Homes.

freezing Ambulance Savar

freezing ambulance service is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has freezing box in it. The freezer ambulance can intact the dead body several hours and days. Contact us now

Dhaka to  Savar Ambulance Rent

Savar Ambulance Rent/Cost, 2500 Tk. 

Bakterpur Ambulance service, 2700 Tk. 

Anandapur Ambulance service, 2500 Tk. 

Ashuliya Ambulance service, 2500 Tk. 

Vatpara Ambulance service, 2500 Tk. 

Dhamrai Ambulance service, 3000 Tk.

Nabinagar Ambulance service, 3000 Tk.

Svar CMS Hospital Ambulance service, 2500 Tk. 

Enam Medical Ambulance service, 2500 Tk. 

Ambulance Service Number

Shikder Ambulance service, 01713260042

Online Ambulance service, 01627669222

Savar Ambulance service, 01734849926

Savar Raha Ambulance, 01701484888

Popular Ambulance service, 01926011168

Munshi Ambulance service, 01717770852

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