Ambulance Service Rangamati & Dhaka

Ambulance service Rangamati and Dhaka.  We provide different types of Ambulance in all districts of Bangladesh. 24 Hours Ambulance service is available. Contact Us Now

Ambulance Number

24 Ambulance (All distrcits): 01911125156

Online Ambulance (Dhaka city): 01627669222

Maa Ambulance (Rangamai): 0172524283

Ambulance Service in Rangamati

Rangamati Ambulance service

The Ambulance service is available. We provide emergency ambulance service in all districts of Bangladesh. 24 ambulance company is the largest and trusted company in Bangladesh. We provide different types of ambulance services. When you need any ambulance service then call in our helpline.

24 Hours emergency ambulance service is Available in all distrcits. We are always ready to provide emergency ambulance service.

If you want to move your near or relative’s dead body to anywhere, using a freezer Van or freezer Ambulance will be a wise decision.
Otherwise, this can cause you may unwanted issues which you may not like afterwards. say Good-Bye to your loved ones with proper Affection an Love! If you need freezing ambulance service then contact us, will provide your latest model freezing ambulance with Granted Hi-Quality service.


Ac Ambulance service

The AC ambulance service is better than the Non-ac ambulance service for patients. Ac ambulance is reliable for patients and attendance. This ambulance service rent is something more than Non-ac ambulance rent. The patient or dead body generally has 7/ 8 people beside him. 24/7 hours ambulance service is available in Dhaka. If you need emergency Ambulance service then contact us.

Ambulance service Number & Price

Dhaka – Rangamati Ambulance Rent

Rangamati Ambulance Price: 13500

Barkal Ambulance service Price: 13000

Belaichari Ambulance service price: 13500 Tk

Jurachari Ambulance service: 13500 Tk

Kaptai Ambulance service Rent: 13000 tk

Kaukhali Ambulance service Price: 12500 Tk

Langadu Ambulance service Price: 12500 Tk

Naniarchar Ambulance service Price: 12500 Tk

Baghaichari Ambulance service Price: 14000 Tk

Bagatipara Ambulance service Price: 11000 Tk

Retarn Ambulance Rental List   from Dhaka to Rangamati Zila and Rangamati to Dhaka Area

Rangamati to Dhaka city Ambulance Rent = 11000

Barkal to Dhaka Ambulance service Price = 10500

Belaichari to Dhaka Ambulance service price = 10500 Tk

Jurachari Ambulance service = 10500 Tk

Kaptai Ambulance service Rent: 11000 tk

Kaukhali Ambulance service Price: 10000 Tk

Langadu Ambulance service Price: 11000 Tk

Naniarchar Ambulance service Price: 10500 Tk

Baghaichari Ambulance service Price: 9000 Tk

Bagatipara Ambulance service Price: 9500 Tk

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