Mothbaria Ambulance Service 24/7 – Pirojpur Area to Dhaka

Mothbaria Ambulance Service in Bangladesh. We provide different types of Ambulances from Pirojpur to Dhaka. Enjoy 30% Discount by Booking. We provide AC Ambulance at cheap prices in all districts of Bangladesh

Emergency Ambulance Service from Motbariya to Dhaka

Mothbaria Ambulance Service in Motbaria

Mothbaria Ambulance Service in Bangladesh provides comprehensive medical transport services from Pirojpur to Dhaka. Offering 24/7 availability, this service is crucial for ensuring that residents of Pirojpur and surrounding areas have access to timely and reliable medical transport.

Facilities of Ambulance Services

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Online Booking
  • Different Types of Ambulances
  • Advanced Medical Equipment
  • Emergency Medical Transport
  • Quick and Reliable Patient Transport
Mothbaria Ambulance service

Different types of Ambulance Services Offered

Different Types of Ambulances:

Mothbaria Ambulance Service offers a range of ambulances, including basic life support (BLS), advanced life support (ALS), and ICU-equipped ambulances. This variety ensures that patients with different medical needs can be adequately catered to.

AC Ambulance in Motbariya

They provide air-conditioned ambulances to ensure patient comfort during the long journey from Pirojpur to Dhaka.

If you need emergency Ambulance service then contact Us. We provide different types of Ambulance in all districts of Bangladesh.

Special Offers!

30% Discount: Enjoy a discount of 30% by booking your ambulance service in advance. This offer makes the service more affordable for residents needing urgent medical transport. If you want to learn more about 24 Ambulance Company then contact Us.

The best Ambulance Services Rental List from Matbaria to Dhaka, and Dhaka to Matbari Area

Dhaka to Matbaria Area

1. Ac Ambulance Service from Dhaka to Mothbaria Rent = 11000 Taka.

2. Non-Ac Ambulance Service Rent = 10500 Taka.

3. The dead body carrier freezing Ambulance Rent from Dhaka to Matbari = 17000 Taka.

Matbaria Area to Dhaka Ambulance Rent

  • Matbari to Dhaka Ac Ambulance Service Rent = 12000 Taka. Offiers Rent= 10000 Taka.
  • Non-Ac Ambulance Service Rent = 11500 Taka. Offers Rent=9500 Taka.

NB: If you Want to enjoy the offer Price then will be contacted a minimum of 2 hours ago to start the journey.