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Mirpur Tolarbag Ambulance Service in Dhaka. We Provide Ac Ambulance, Non-Ac Ambulance, Freezing Ambulance, And ICU Ambulance services in all districts of Bangladesh

Best Ambulance Service in Mirpur Tolarbag

Tolarbag Ambulance service in Dhaka

Introducing the reliable and efficient Mirpur Tolarbag Ambulance Service – 24 Ambulance! Our dedicated team is always ready to provide swift and professional medical assistance in times of emergencies. Stay safe and secure with 24 Ambulance by your side.

Mirpur Tolarbag Ambulance Service, often referred to as “24 Ambulance,” is a well-known emergency medical transportation provider in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. They offer various ambulance services to cater to the needs of patients requiring immediate medical assistance or transportation to healthcare facilities.

Mirpur Tolarbag Ambulance Service

24 Hours Ambulance Service in Tolarbag

Services Offered

1. Emergency Ambulance Service: Immediate response to medical emergencies, equipped with necessary medical facilities.

2. ICU Ambulance Service: Specialized ambulances equipped with Intensive Care Unit (ICU) facilities for critically ill patients.

3. Cardiac Ambulance Service: Equipped with cardiac monitoring and life support systems for patients with heart conditions.

4. Air Ambulance Service: Quick transportation for critically ill patients over long distances, equipped with necessary medical support.

How to Avail the Service

Emergency Call: Dial the hotline number provided.

Provide Details: Give specific information about the patient’s condition, location, and any other pertinent details.

Wait for Arrival: Follow any instructions given by the dispatcher while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.