Ambulance Service Hijla, Barisal to Dhaka

Ambulance Service Hijla to Dhaka. We provide different types of Ambulances. The best Ambulance is Available in all districts of Bangladesh. Online Booking Available 24/7

Ambulance Hijla to Dhaka

Hijla Ambulance Service

The best ambulance service in hijla, a dedicated lifeline stands ready 24/7, providing crucial support in emergencies — the Sadarpur Ambulance. This comprehensive overview delves into the core of this vital service, exploring its inception, operational prowess, and unwavering commitment to saving lives.

Hijla Ambulance Service’s Lifeline to Dhaka. The best Ambulance is Available 24/7 in Bangladesh. If you need an ambulance, please feel free to contact us.


Emergency Ambulance from Hijla to Dhaka

Gournadi Ambulance Service boasts a fleet of state-of-the-art ambulances equipped with advanced medical equipment. These ambulances serve as mobile healthcare units, designed to provide immediate medical attention on the move. Whether it’s a critical patient transfer or an emergency response, the fleet is strategically positioned to cater to diverse medical needs.

Ambulance Service Number & Price

Ambulance Rent from Dhaka to Sadarpur Area

Dhaka to Hijla Ambulance Rent = 9000 Tk.
Non-Ac Ambulance Service Price = 8500 Taka.

Dhaka city to Hijla Retarn Ambulance charge = 7000 Tk
Hijla to Dhaka Retarn Ambulance charge = 7000 Tk

নোটঃ ঢাকা অথবা বরিশাল এলাকা হতে কম ভাড়ায় ফেরত গাড়ি ভাড়া করতে মিনিমাম ১-২ ঘন্টা আগে বুকিং করতে হবে। 

Freezing Ambulance Service Gouranadi

In the heart of Hijla, where temperatures can plummet, a lifeline stands resilient against the chill — the Freezing Ambulance Service. This in-depth exploration delves into the unique challenges and unwavering commitment of this service, showcasing how it navigates the icy terrain to provide crucial medical assistance

Freezing Ambulance from Dhaka to Hijla Rent =  13500 Taka, and Waiting charge per hour =500 Taka.


In conclusion, Hijla Ambulance emerges not just as an ambulance provider but as a crucial lifeline in the realm of emergency healthcare. Its commitment to rapid response, advanced medical interventions, and a compassionate team sets it apart as a beacon of reliability. As we navigate the complexities of healthcare, Hijla Ambulance Service stands as a testament to the power of efficiency and compassion in saving lives.

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