Dhaka Ambulance Service 24/7 Available

Dhaka Ambulance Service 24/7. We Provide the Best & Emergency Ambulance 24/7 is available. We offer Air-Conditioned Ambulance, Non-Air-Conditioned Ambulance, Freezing Ambulance, and ICU Ambulance across every district in Bangladesh.

Ambulance Service in Dhaka

Dhaka Ambulance service

Today, the Dhaka Ambulance Service boasts a modern fleet of ambulances that are more than just vehicles—they are mobile healthcare units. These ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, including defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, and advanced life support systems, ensuring that patients receive immediate medical attention en route to the hospital. 

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the intricacies of the Dhaka Ambulance Service, exploring its history, operations, challenges, and its indispensable role in saving lives.


Emergency Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

Air-Conditioned Ambulance (AC Ambulance)

Need a comfortable and temperature-controlled environment during your medical transport? Our AC Ambulance service is designed to keep you cool and comfortable, no matter the weather.

Non-Air-Conditioned Ambulance (Non-AC Ambulance)

If you prefer a more cost-effective solution without compromising on medical care, our non-AC ambulance is an excellent choice. It’s reliable, safe, and budget-friendly.

Cold Storage Ambulance (Freezing Ambulance)

When preserving the integrity of sensitive medical specimens or organs is crucial, our Freezing Ambulance ensures that everything stays at the right temperature throughout the journey.

Intensive Care Unit Ambulance (ICU Ambulance)

For patients requiring specialized medical attention and continuous monitoring on the road, our ICU Ambulance is equipped with advanced medical equipment and a dedicated medical team.
Serving Every District in Bangladesh.

Our Ambulance Services are Available in the Following Areas

Find Ambulances

New Eskaton Ambulance Service
Tejgaon Industrial Area Ambulance Service
Hatirpool Hatirjheel Ambulance Service
Nakhalpara Ambulance Service
Begunbari Ambulance Service
Mohanagar Project Ambulance Service
Banasree Ambulance Service
Nandipara Ambulance Service
Taltola Ambulance Service
Khilgaon Ambulance Service
Adarshabagh Ambulance Service
Bank Colony Ambulance Service
Sabujbagh Ambulance Service
Basaboo Ambulance Service
Natonpara Ambulance Service
Shantibag Ambulance Service
Baganbari Ambulance Service
Rajarbagh Ambulance Service
Tanti Bazar Sutrapur Bangshal Saat Rawza Ambulance
Babu Bazar Ambulance
Lalbagh Ambulance
Kotwali Ambulance
Sadarghat Ambulance
Ahmedbag Ambulance
Mugdapara Ambulance

Kadamtola Ambulance
Mugdha Ambulance
Mugda Hospital Ambulance
Manda Ambulance
Golapbag Ambulance
Tikatuli Ambulance
Kamlapur Ambulance
Maniknagar Ambulance
Manda Ambulance
Swamibagh Ambulance
Gopibag Ambulance
Arambag Ambulance
Motijheel Ambulance
T&T Colony Ambulance
Wari Ambulance
Malitola Ambulance
Nawabpur Ambulance
Alubazar Ambulance
Bongobazar Ambulance
Nayabazar Ambulance
Laxmi Bazar Ambulance
Narida Ambulance
Doyagonj Ambulance
Karatitola Ambulance
Jatrabari Ambulance Service

Ambulance Services Available in Various Areas

Faridabad Ambulance
Postagola Ambulance
Jurain Ambulance
Shyampur Ambulance
Dolairpar Ambulance
Doniya Ambulance
Shonir Akhra Ambulance
Signboard Ambulance
Chittagong Road Ambulance
Muradpur Ambulance
Mohmmabag Ambulance
Rayerbag Ambulance
Modinabag Ambulance
Raishaheb Bazar Ambulance
Matuail Ambulance
Bhuighor Ambulance
Saddam Market Ambulance
Sontek Ambulance
Demra Ambulance
Shanarpar Ambulance
Sarulia Ambulance
Bahir Tengra Ambulance
Rasul Nagar Ambulance
Konapara Ambulance
Mridhabari Ambulance

Bibir Bagicha Ambulance
Dhalpur Ambulance
Shekher Jaiga Ambulance
Ganderia Ambulance
Shuvadda Ambulance
Dewanpara Ambulance
Bauniabadh Ambulance
Namapara Ambulance
Mastertek Ambulance
Manikdi Ambulance
Balughat Ambulance
Goaltek Ambulance
Dali Market Ambulance
Goran Ambulance
Kalibari Ambulance
Batennagar Ambulance
Nanderbag Ambulance
Paikpara Ambulance
Lalkuthi Ambulance
Harirampur Ambulance
Barabazar Para Ambulance
Pala Para Ambulance
Jahurabad Ambulance
Dia Bari Ambulance
Shimultala Ambulance

Ambulance is Available in the following locations

Baridhara Ambulance
Kalachandpur Ambulance
Joar Sahara Ambulance
Kuril Ambulance
Naranagar Ambulance
Bepari Bari Ambulance
Keraniganj Ambulance
Showarghat Ambulance
Fakirapool Ambulance
Hemaetpur Ambulance
Savar Ambulance
Ashulia Ambulance
Zirabo Ambulance
Babu Bazar Ambulance
Islambagh Ambulance
Puran Dhaka Ambulance
Shahidnagar Ambulance
Judge Count Ambulance
Mirhajeerbag Ambulance
Sayedabad Ambulance
Tipu Sultan Road Ambulance
Tikatuli Ambulance
Ittefaq More Ambulance
R K Mission Road Ambulance
Gulistan Ambulance
New Market Ambulance
Elenbari Ambulance Service
Katabon Ambulance Service
Rajabazar Ambulance Service
Ambagan Ambulance Service
Farmgate Ambulance Service
Nilkhet Ambulance Service
Kakrail Ambulance Service
Noyatola Ambulance Service
Gabtola Ambulance Service
Mirbag Ambulance Service
Rampura Ambulance Service
Ulan Ambulance Service

Amtola Bazar Ambulance
Pirer Bagh Ambulance
Ahmed Nagar Mirpur Ambulance
Mojpur Ambulance
Borobag Ambulance
Rupnagar Ambulance
Kafrul Ambulance
Kazipar Ambulance
Damalkot Ambulance
Dewanpara Ambulance
Shah Alibag Ambulance
Kallyanpur Ambulance

You can access our ambulance in this regions

  • Science Laboratory
  • Mirpur Road
  • Green Road
  • Panthapath
  • Tejturi Bazar
  • Old Dhaka
  • Tongi
  • Uttara
  • Rajabari
  • Atipara
  • Masturbate
  • Bhuiyan Para
  • Mainer Tek
  • Uttarakhand
  • Dokkhin Khan
  • Sarkarpara
  • Madhyapara
  • Nowapara
  • Mollapara
  • Kazibari
  • Abdullahpur
  • Ajompur
  • Uttara Residential Model Town
  • Phulbaria
  • Nolbhog
  • Priyanka City
  • Ahalia
  • Hazipara
  • Naddapara
  • Ashkona
  • Mollartek
  • CAAB Colony Kawla Bazar
  • Uttara House Building
  • Kurmitola
  • Civil Aviation
  • Washpur
  • Atibazar
  • Panchdona
  • Jafrabad
  • Shankar
  • Dhanmondi
  • Zigatola
  • Hazaribag

You can access Ambulance in the following Areas

  • Eastern Housing
  • Merul
  • Aftabnagar
  • Nasirabad
  • Trimohni
  • Meradia
  • Pilkhana
  • Kamrangirchor
  • Kalabagan
  • Lalmatia
  • Sukrabad
  • Jamuna Future Park
  • Vatara
  • Nairer Tek
  • Bashundhara Abasik Alaka
  • Nurer Chala
  • Kathaldia
  • Nikunja
  • Jamtola
  • Khilkhet
  • Uttara Namapaara
  • Dumni
  • Gulshan-1
  • Gulshan-2
  • Niketon
  • Mohakhali
  • Karail
  • Banani
  • Rasulbag
  • Mohakhali DOHS
  • Kafrul
  • Agargon
  • Taltola
  • Shewrapara
  • Amin Bazar
  • Sher-e Bangla Nagar
  • Monipauripara
  • Shymoly
  • Nobody Housing
  • Bait Aman Housing
  • Adabor
  • Shia Masjid
  • Ramchandpapur
  • Basila (Bosila)

Dhaka Ambulance Service: Every Second Counts

The success of any ambulance service lies in its response time. In Dhaka, the average response time of the ambulance service is a remarkable 10 minutes or less. This rapid response is achieved through a combination of strategically located ambulance stations and a well-coordinated dispatch system.

How to book Emergency Ambulance Services?

The Importance of Knowing How to Book an Ambulance: This topic can discuss why it’s crucial for everyone to be familiar with the process of booking an ambulance in emergencies.

Dialing Helpline: The Emergency Hotline for Ambulance Services. Explain how to use the emergency hotline (01911125156) to book an ambulance quickly.

Providing Location Information When Booking an Ambulance: Discuss the significance of accurately conveying your location when calling for an ambulance and how to do it effectively.

What to Say When Booking an Ambulance: Offer guidance on the information to provide when making the call, such as the nature of the emergency and the number of individuals requiring assistance.

Ambulance Booking Apps and Online Services: Explore the convenience of using mobile apps or online platforms to book ambulances in some areas.