Dead Body Freezer Ambulance Services in Dhaka

Dead Body Freezer Ambulance Services in Dhaka. The dead body freezer is the best to carry the dead body than others ways. It is a dead body carrier ambulance. It has a frozen box. Keep intact the dead body for several hours and days. Contact Now

Dead Body Freezer Ambulance Services

Dead body carrier Ambulance

In the solemn moments following the departure of a loved one, the need for compassionate and dignified transportation becomes paramount. In Dhaka, our Dead Body Freezer Ambulance Services stand as a beacon of solace, offering a unique and essential service during times of grief.

our Dead Body Freezer Ambulance Services in Dhaka serve as a pillar of support, providing dignified transportation for departed loved ones. We are dedicated to preserving the dignity of the deceased and offering solace to grieving families. Trust us to handle the journey with compassion and professionalism during these solemn moments.

Dead Body Freezer Ambulance Services

Compassionate and Dignified Transport

Our Dead Body Freezer Ambulance Services prioritize providing compassionate and dignified transportation for departed souls. We understand the emotional weight of the situation and are committed to handling the process with utmost care and respect.

State-of-the-Art Freezer Ambulances

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our fleet of Dead Body Freezer Ambulances ensures the preservation of the deceased, offering a dignified and hygienic environment until they reach their final destination. The temperature-controlled chambers guarantee optimal conditions for the journey.

24/7 Availability

Grieving knows no schedule, and neither does our service. Available 24/7, our Dead Body Freezer Ambulance Services offer round-the-clock support, providing a sense of assurance that compassionate assistance is just a call away whenever needed. If you need the best Ambulance service then contact us.

Details of freezing ambulance

1. Freezer ambulance is used to transfer the dead body from one place to another.

2. Freezer ambulance’s temperature is (-7) degree so there is no bad odor from the body, and the body is free from the virus.

3. This freezing ambulance rent is something more than a normal ambulance, it’s will be charge Dhaka city aria = (2500-3000) Tk. Another rent of freezer ambulance according to destination and Waiting for a charge per hours= 600/= Six hundred Taka only any place of Bangladesh.

4. High quality steel stretchers keeping the dead body.

5. There are lighting facilities inside to see the body.

6. There is a good side glass to see the dead body from outside.

7. We clean the car by date or seven after completed the duty.

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